World History since 1500

 Spring Semester - 2019

Wayne E. Sirmon, MAEd, MA

Adjunct Assistant Professor of History



HI 104 - World History (2nd Semester)

HI 104 - 01 Mondays and Wednesdays  -   8:00 - 9:20 - Ben May Building, room 5  -  FINAL EXAM:  May 8 @ 8:00 am

HI 104 Syllabus - Spring 2019 Study Guides, Maps and other Aids Lecture PowerPoints (PDF)
Article Review Style and Info Chapter 15 - pages 487-501  Introduction and Chapter 15-A
Guide to Chicago Manual of Style Chapter 15 - pages 501-518 Chapter 15-B
Avoiding Plagiarism   Chapter 15-C
Exam 1 Study Guide Chapter 15-D & 16-A
  Exam 1 Study Map- Europe Chapter 16-B
Alabama Historical Association - Application Exam 1 Study Map- Asia Chapter 17
Online Quiz Chapter 15
3 Minute Histories Online Quiz Chaper 16 Chapter 18-A
Hussite Wars Online Quiz - Chapter 17 Chapter 18-B
The Thirty Years War   Chapter 18-C and 19-A
Sepoy Munity Causes of the French Revolution Chapter 19-B
Anglo-Zulu War Exam 2 Study Guide Chapter 19-C and 20-A
Boer Wars Exam 2 Study Map Europe Chapter 20-B
Opium Wars Online Quiz Chapter 18-A Chapter 20-C
Taiping Rebellion Online Quiz Chapter 18-B  
Boxer Rebellion Online Quiz Chaper 19 Chapter 21
First Sino-Japanese War Online Quiz Chapter 20 Chapter 22
Russo-Japanese War   Chapter 23-A
Balkan Wars Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 23-B
World War 1 (in 6 minutes) Exam 3 Study Maps Chapter 23-C
  Online Quiz Chapter 21 Chapter 24
  Online Quiz Chapter 22  
If World War One had been a bar fight Online Quiz Chapter 23 Chapter 25-A
Mini Bio: Napoleon Online Quiz Chapter 24 Chapter 25-B
Military History Text - World War II   Chapter 25-C
Exam 4 Study Guide Chapter 25-D
A Curse for Kings Online Quiz Chapter 25-A Chapter 26-A
Online Quiz Chapter 25-B Chapter 26-B
  Online Quiz Chapter 26