History of Western Civilization

to 1660

Fall Semester - 2013

Wayne E. Sirmon, Instructor


HI 101 - Western Civilization (1st Semester)

HI 101 - 01 Tuesday & Thursday  -   9:30 - 10:55 - Farmer Hall, Room 2   -  FINAL EXAM: 12 DEC @ 9:30 am

Syllabus - HI 101 - Fall 2013 The Epic of Gilgamesh Introduction
Article Review Style Sheet Code of Hammurabi Chapter 1
Guide to Chicago Manual of Style   Chapter 2
  Study Guide Exam One Chapter 3
Learning Lunch Schedule Study Map Exam One Chapter 3 B
Ft. Mims 200th Anniversary Study Map Exam One- Countries Chapter 4
Alabama Historical Association - Application   Chapter 4B
  Study Guide Exam Two Chapter 4C
ISLAM - SBC Belief Bulletin Study Map Exam Two- Cities  
  Study Map Exam Two- Countries Chapter 5
  Study Map Exam Two- Geography Chapter 5B
    Chapter 5C
Chapter 13A Study Guide Exam Three (Chapter 6 material is included in other lectures)
Chapter 13B Study Map Exam Three - One Chapter 7
Chapter 14 Study Map Exam Three - Two Chapter 7B
Chapter 15A    
Chapter 15B Study Guide Exam Four Chapter 8A
  Study Map Exam Four Chapter 8B
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12A
    Chapter 12B