Masonic Education in PDF

Here are some of article and books to "improve your self in Masonry".

I have attempted to not post material that would violate copyright laws,


Sacred Retreat of Friendship and Virtue Sirmon, W. E., Plumbline, 2011 Military Lodges during the American Civil War
Masonic Colleges in Antebellum Alabama Sirmon, W. E., Journal of The Masonic Society, 2013 Masons of Alabama sponored schooled in 1850s, Some of the buildings are still in use.
Mistaken Identity Sirmon, W. E., Scottish Rite Journal, 2016 Examples of masonic emblems and photographs incorrectly labeled by non-masons
Filibusters and Freemasons- The Sworn Obligation.pdf Antonio Rafael de la Cova, Journal of the Early Republic, 1997 25 page article on the masonic connections of the invasions to overthrow the Spanish colonial government and establish a Cuban republic between 1848 and 1851.
Symbolism of the Three Degrees Street, Oliver Day, The Builder, 1918 50 pages. Three articles reset in modern type. A summary of PGM Street's 3 booklets.
his-sketch.pdf Street, Oliver Day This 34 page history of the Grand Lodge was included in the Masonic Monitors of Alabama written abount 1940.
Masonic myths McKeown, Trevor W. Copied from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon,
Riding the Goat.pdf Moore, William D., Riding the Goat: Secrecy, Masculinity, and Fraternal High Jinks in the United States, 1845–1930 Published by The University of Chicago Press on behalf of the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Inc. (2007).